Top 7 reasons why you should hire a copywriter

Business marketing and advertising is an essential part of growth. One of the key aspects to your marketing is writing copy.

If I had to guess, most people do not like writing. In fact, it probably feels like a daunting task which you’d rather procrastinate and do last.

I understand. Staring at a blank page is intimidating.

Actually – I didn’t always enjoy writing until I realized something so amazing…

But before we get to that, let’s dive in to the 7 reasons you should hire a copywriter.

1.   A professional copywriter saves you time to do more of what you want.

As we all know – time is the most valuable thing we have. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. There’s only 24 hours in a day and so much to get done.

Sometimes it almost seems like there’s never enough time and you’re playing catch up with the work that lies ahead of you.

Copywriting your ads for your marketing campaigns takes a lot of time.

It includes research, drafting, editing, testing, and just about all the non-fun stuff you’d love to avoid.

Copywriters can do majority of the work in half the time you could and deliver better results.

2.   Copywriters know persuasion.

Copywriting is not throwing an article or research paper together hoping the information sticks like fly paper.

Copy needs to have engaging content, storytelling that leads customers to your product or services – showing them how you can solve their problems.

Copy is salesmanship through the written word.

Yes – it’s juicy, crafty, magical wordplay that gets people to act. The challenge is there’s no face to face dialogue like a salesman would experience.

Don’t guess what to write in your ads. Let the professionals hook prospects in and have customers addicted to your stories.

3.   Trash bad grammar.

Copy is meant to be conversational, but that doesn’t mean good grammar goes out the window. Language can be intimidating (those grammar laws we are all taught).

As you don’t need to be perfect in how you write, you need to be very clear and concise.

Poorly written messages can not only hurt your branding tone, it can potentially lose prospecting customers, and ultimately profits.

4.   Market with variety.

Copy can provide many different avenues in your marketing – all while maintaining the tone of your brand.

Advertising copy can include email marketing, web copy such as homepages, about me sections, direct mail fliers, and allow you to get more social online.

A copywriter can creatively match and synchronize each form of content to help you standout against the noise.

5.   Stay fresh.

A copywriter can help you stay fresh with new content and ideas. There’s never a dull moment.

Copywriters are lifelong students in marketing and understand how to adapt to market changes. Methods to writing copy change with the times.

They are also built from a foundation of fundamentals. Do you really have the time to learn how to write copy effectively while running a business?

… Highly unlikely.

6.   Play it cool.

Hiring a copywriter allows you to play it cool. What I mean by that – as a business owner, you can easily get attached to your customers and your work.

Becoming too attached to your own vision, you can become self destructive to your advertising.

Marketing is about creating messages to engage in a unique way which captures your audience.

Copywriters can help you better relate what you want to say with your audience.

7.   Positioning.

Good copywriters know exactly what questions to ask to understand your brands USP – unique selling point.

This allows for more targeted messages delivered to your audience. Targeted messaging speaks boldly to persuade your prospects to act.

By now…

You have a pretty good idea why hiring a copywriter is a smart investment.

You have much more to lose by writing your own marketing advertisements. Money might come and go, but time you cannot get back.

So back to the story of what exactly changed my mind about writing?

As I said earlier, I couldn’t stand writing. I mean, I was good at writing reports for school or assignments, but I was not very conversational.

Majority of the time, my writing was long-winded.

That all changed about 5 years ago, when I held a sales position for a company.

Writing emails was a daily part of my routine.

But these weren’t just your typical emails. These were salesmanship messages.

These were cold emails and follow ups also used for sending prospect proposals.

After creating a sales proposal and shooting it off to a potential customer, I began to realize the power of the written word.

The response I received (although hesitant with objections) was more than expected.

I had a customer so interested in my services, they agreed to do business even though I was well beyond their budget (By taking them by the hand and leading them).

Since then, I have taken a passion and an appreciation for the written word through the discovery of copywriting.

Writing isn’t so painful…

It’s freedom in your hands to design what comes from your knowledge and imagination.

Tune in next time and I’ll share why discovering your USP is vital to your advertising.

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